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How to use MS filter
Read carefully before use
Water-shedding prorerty of Filter Material
MS filter made of Polypropylene non-woven fabric due to filtering ability and durability.
This material has light Water-shedding property.
When you set new filter, cutting fluid might be accumulated in the filter by that property.
(It is a normal)
In this case, please give a light shock to the fluid accumulated filter.
(Example method)
Struck lightly on cutting fluid retention part or pick up the end of a filter and falling down.
After started the cutting fluid flow out with a light shock, the fluid filtration will run continuously and keeping normal flow rate.
When the fluid flow rate falling down by particle concentration, please exchange the filter to new one.

MS filter 
Registration of a design(No.1123081) 
Parts Number  size
 MS70   20micron Type 830×470
 MS80   10micron Tipe 830×470
 MS100   5micron Type 830×470
 MS71   20micron Type 500×470
 MS81   10micron Type 500×470
 MS101   5micron Type 500×470
 MS40   40micron Type 830×470

Material: Polypropylene non-woven fabric
Quality: Tested by JIS method

Optimized cells could catch more particles.
Large Filtering area reduce cutting fluid retention time
Lower combustion temperature than polyester preserve incinerator.
No harmful gases generate in incineration.
Easy dry because it has a low water absorption rate.

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Here under followings are quotation of MS-Filter.
We regret to inform youthat we are unable to supply as under 100pcs.
Therefore we have quoted youas ourminimum q'ty.

  • 100 filters as above of each quantity

  • 2pcs of MS Filter in a zipper poly bag.
  • 2pcs x50pack=100pcs/Carton box.
  • Size of carton box:800 x 300 x200mm 8 to 10Kg /100pcs
  • 2weeks after receipt.
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