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How to use MS filter
Read carefully before use
Water-shedding prorerty of Filter Material
MS filter is made of non-woven polypropylene due to its filtration capacity and durability.
This material is mildly water repellent.
When setting a new filter, cutting fluid may accumulate on the filter due to its characteristics.
(It is a normal.)
In this case, lightly impact the filter with the accumulated liquid.
(Method example)
Lightly tap the cutting fluid holding section, or pinch the edge of the filter and let it fall.
After the cutting fluid starts flowing out, the filter will run continuously while maintaining a normal flow rate of cutting fluid.
If the flow rate decreases due to clogging, it is time to replace the filter and replace it with a new one.

MS filter 
Registration of a design(No.1123081) 
Parts Number  size
 MS70   20micron Type 830×470
 MS80   10micron Tipe 830×470
 MS100   5micron Type 830×470
 MS71   20micron Type 500×470
 MS81   10micron Type 500×470
 MS101   5micron Type 500×470
 MS40   40micron Type 830×470

Material: Polypropylene non-woven fabric
Quality: Tested by JIS method


New partitions catch more debris in a larger area.
Filtration performance, 10-30% higher than conventional products (our comparison)
The large permeable area allows the cutting fluid to be retained in the filter for a shorter period of time.
The melting point is lower than that of polyester, so the furnace is not damaged during incineration.
No toxic gas is generated during incineration.
Dries quickly because it does not absorb water or moisture.

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The estimate for MS-Filter is as follows.
However, we cannot supply less than 100 units.
Therefore, we have quoted with the minimum quantity.

  • 100 filters as above of each quantity

  • 2pcs of MS Filter in a zipper poly bag.
  • 2pcs x50pack=100pcs/Carton box.
  • Size of carton box:800 x 300 x200mm 8 to 10Kg /100pcs
  • 2weeks after receipt.
  • Pre-paid paypal
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